“What can California’s largest Lemon Law firm do for me?”

We can do the job right.

What we do is spend a lot of our money pursuing your lemon law case. You do not have you risk a dime of your money on your case with our firm.

We have our Technical and Research Department fully research all manufacturer’s TSB and “internal” documents to prove to the manufacturer your vehicle’s ongoing problem(s) and your case.

We keep in contact with you during your lemon law case, keeping you apprised of all developments in your case. Of course when you call – we are here for you.

We can provide you with the CLOUT of being California’s largest lemon law firm. The automobile manufacturer’s know us all-to-well, and know that we act firmly, yet fairly to reach the quickest resolution to each lemon law claim – most without ever having to file a lawsuit or going to court.

Our CLOUT extends to the fact that automobile manufacturers know that if they challenge us by refusing to repurchase or replace the client’s qualifying vehicle, we will take the case all the way to trial if necessary. Our firm only takes an average of 2 out of every 1,000 cases to trial – a stunning testament to how almost all of our cases are settled without court or trial.

Our relationship with the automobile manufacturers allows us to do our job for you in record time. Most of our cases are settled in the first 10-30 days.

Our clout, our 19 years of “lemon law only” experience, our efficiencies and our outstanding attention to service to our clients is what we can do for YOU.

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