“My car just went out of factory warranty – can I qualify?”

Yes! In most cases a vehicle that has met the requirements for a pursuable lemon law case during warranty can still qualify right after it goes out of factory warranty, providing the repeated defect that makes the vehicle a “lemon” is still present. There are many factors governing this, so we invite you to call us and discuss your particular situation. 1-877-355-3666 (1-877-35-LEMON)

Also, keep in mind that a “Service Contract” that may have been purchased at the time of sale (commonly referred to by salespeople as “extended warranties”) are NOT “warranties”. A warranty is something you are given at no charge as part of the sale. A “Service Contract” is a mechanical breakdown policy that is sold by the dealership, and administered by either the auto manufacturer or a 3rd party administrator, and is NOT applicable to California’s Lemon Law.

Factory warranties are typically either:

   1. “Bumper-to-Bumper” limited warranties only, or
   2. “Bumper-to-Bumper” and limited additional “power train” coverage.

Some manufacturers will also offer a specific warranty for the internal engine block/heads on a diesel/turbo-diesel engine to 100,000 miles.

All too often vehicle owners think their vehicle is “out of warranty,” when in fact it still is in warranty.

Some manufacturer’s also have “silent warranties” (not published in your warranty book) as well as “goodwill warranty policy adjustments”. If the repair shows up on your repair invoice as “WARRANTY” or “GOODWILL WARRANTY”, it is still “WARRANTY” in respect to the lemon law.