“The dealer refuses to work on my car anymore”

The dealer refusing to work on your car can be due to many reasons, including, but not limited to:

  • The dealer cannot duplicate the customer symptom/complaint

  • The customer is unable to duplicate the condition on a test drive with dealership personnel.

  • The dealer considers the symptom/complaint to be “normal” or “within factory specifications”

  • The dealer has had the DSPM or Area Manager drive the vehicle, and it has been ascertained that no warranty non-conformity exists.

  • The customer has had a verbal altercation or some other negative run-in with dealership personnel and the dealer refuses to work on the customer’s vehicle.

  • There are no parts available to repair the vehicle, so the customer is sent away.

  • The vehicle is out of the manufacturer’s original new vehicle limited warranty, and the customer has not purchased a Mechanical Breakdown Service Contract to pay for the contracts covered component repairs.

For all above except # 5, this may be a sign of a potential lemon law case, and should be evaluated thoroughly, and at no cost to you by our firm, providing this is a repeated factory warranty repair issue. We invite you to call us at 1-877-355-3666 (1-877-35-LEMON) to discuss your present situation.

For # 5 above, you may wish to try a different franchised dealer location for warranty repairs on the brand of vehicle you purchased/leased. Any authorized dealer can perform warranty work for a vehicle. It doesn’t matter where the vehicle was originally purchased/leased from.