“The dealer has my car and doesn’t return my telephone calls.”

This is an all-to-often scenario in the car owner’s repair history. The dealer has the vehicle, won’t give up-dates, won’t call back, and leaves the customer completely in the dark.

This scenario typically parallels when the repair history of the vehicle has reached a very serious point – a point to which a lemon law case is likely to be pursued.

If the dealer is not returning your calls, we invite you to call us so we can do a free lemon law case evaluation. 1-877-355-3666 (1-877-35-LEMON).

Be careful! At this point an opportunistic dealership salesperson or sales manager may have been “tipped off” by someone in the Service Department, and attempt to “offer” you a “trade assist,” which is nothing more than a sales tactic to try to get you to trade-in your current vehicle on a new one, sugar-coating it with expressions like “we are going to take you out of your lemon vehicle.” Don’t buy into any of this nonsense. It is simply a way for the dealer to steal your current vehicle on trade, and make more money selling you another one!