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In California, the automobile manufacturer is required to pay your attorney for his/her time and expenses on your lemon law case! You don’t have to go through arbitration--there is no arbitration requirement under California's lemon law. You don’t have to “front” any money to hire our firm! All that’s needed is a problematic vehicle while under the manufacturer’s new vehicle limited warranty (or Certified Pre-Owned factory warranty), and an unreasonable number of documented warranty repair attempts to have a lemon law case/claim (either several times for the same problem or an unreasonable cumulative number of days in the shop getting warranty repairs).

Our Clout Means Case Success

What is “clout” in California Lemon Law?

Clout is the ability of our lemon law firm to settle more cases than any other California lemon law firm –through the unique relationship we have with the major automobile manufacturers. Auto manufacturers know we are not “bluffing” our way through a case. They know we will “spend all the money” and “go the distance” for our clients. We have a time-proven system (28 years) of getting fast and correct settlements for our clients –in as little as 10-30 days.

What does winning a Lemon Law case do for me?

Winning (settling) a lemon law case in California provides you with either a refund of the monies you have invested in the vehicle plus a payoff of the loan or lease, or a new replacement vehicle. In some circumstances, other types of successful settlements can be negotiated with the automobile manufacturer.

Time and Experience are your best friends

We have been practicing California lemon law exclusively for 28 years. Things have changed. There are now literally dozens of “new” lemon law firms advertising as "experienced specialists," equipped with high image, flashy internet websites to attract your business. However, many of these same firms are sorely lacking in litigation and trial experience, not to mention clout with the automobile manufacturers. Many of these same firms have yet to see a court case through trial!

Our time (28 years) and litigation experience (we have settled/won over 15,120 lemon law cases) gives you a much-needed sense of security in knowing you will be making the right choice in lemon law firm representation for your lemon law case/claim.

I think I may have a case, what do I do now?

Our experienced team of professionals will get you a free lemon law case evaluation – the same day you call. We can tell you if you have a case. If you do have a case you will receive professional and competent legal representation throughout the duration of your lemon law case.

We invite you to call us today and see if your vehicle qualifies for California lemon law.

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Cutting edge experience with old-fashioned service

We recognize that one of the most important elements of legal representation is the attorney-client relationship. This also extends to all personnel at our law firm that you come in contact with, not just your attorney. With our law firm you will receive professional treatment with personalized service. It’s not what you should simply want – it’s what you deserve and will receive.

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"It’s that Simple!"

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